As we all know by now Jesse is gracing the cover of ‘Dior’ Magazine for their Summer 2014 issue. Photographed by Patrick Dermachelier, this is the only shot that shows Jesse in color and I love it! This is a clipping from somebodies Instagram so it’s not the best quality, but it’s still worth a … Read More


Jesse has joined Justin on his European tour and some lucky fans got to snap a pic with them backstage! I wonder how long Jess will be on tour with Justin? No word on when she will begin filming ‘The Blunderer,’ but here’s to hoping it’s soon! Photo Source Read More


Welcome to the revamped version of Jessica Biel Central! I have been working on this layout for about a month and I really hope you all like it! The layout was coded to be responsive which means it’ll display slightly different on your tablet and mobile devices! Along with the responsive design I have also gone … Read More

Jesse is in the Summer 2014 of ‘Dior’ Magazine and I can only say one word… Wow. Shot earlier this year by Patrick Demarchelier, Jesse looks drop dead gorgeous in this all black and white shoot. Check out the five high quality scans by clicking the preview below! Read More


Jesse shared a photo to remember Maya Angelou, who passed away on May 28th, 2014. Maya Angelou was an author and poet who has works varying from autobiographies to film. You can learn more her by visiting her official website. “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do … Read More


Jesse shared a photo of her chowing down on what she claims to be the “best” burger she’s ever had! Mrs. Timberlake is in Tel Aviv while Justin tours that part of the world. Jesse has been sharing photos of her trip via Instagram and it feels as if we were right there with her! Read More


This weeks #TBT Jesse shared an adorable photo of her fishing when she was younger! She captioned the photo “#bringturtlenecksweatersback! #doublefrenchbraidstoo!” Read More


It’s Tuesday! So that means we get our weekly dose of the adorable Tina. This week Jess shared a photo of the pit climbing over the wall with the caption She’s not really a “look before you leap” kinda girl.#TuesdayswithTina Read More

Premiere Of Twentieth Century Fox And New Regency's "Runner Runner" - Arrivals

Welp, the tabloids are it at again — I guess a two month break before the cycle begins isn’t too bad, right guys? :| For the 100th time since they’ve been together, Jesse is trying to get pregnant while ‘following’ Justin on tour. They go on to say she has no jobs lined up, her … Read More


I’d like to wish all of the moms around the world a Happy Mother’s Day! A shoutout to my amazing Mom as well! Jesse tweeted an adorable photo of her and her mother sharing a laugh! Check it out.. Read More

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