Is Jesse’s new indie film, “Shiva and May,” coming out sooner than later? Director Diane Bell tweeted a fan account to confirm to her it’s coming and she’s dying for us to see it!

Earlier in the year Ion Cinema posted their most anticipated films of 2014 and “Shiva” made the list. The author noted that he wouldn’t be surprised if the film waited for the 2015 Sundance Film Festival and now we might have evidence to it’s submission? Diane retweeted the following from Sundance:

Similarly too “Emanuel & The Truth About Fishes” vs “Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes,” eventually “The Truth About Emanuel,” it seems that “Shiva & May” vs “Shiva and May” is still up in the air. I tweeted her this morning about the confusion and she responded with:

I personally love the sound of “Shiva and May,” but depending on what the film is a new title could be cool? What do you guys think? Tweet her your opinions at .@dianebell1!

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