Every year Ion Cinema creates a list of the ‘Most Anticipated Films’ and luckily Jesse’s latest project, ‘Shiva & May‘, made the countdown.

In 2010, Director Diane Bell made a splash at the Sundance Film Festival with her film ‘Obselidia.’ After receiving rave reviews she went to work on her next project, ‘Shiva & May.’ Later she cast Jesse and Zosia Mamet in the lead roles and filming began in September 2013.

The film centers Shiva, a young woman who ends up being a sex worker for her less than savory boyfriend. Jesse plays May, Shiva’s newly found half sister who is also a Yoga instructor. When Shiva’s dark secrets start being revealed, May starts behaving in ways she’s never imagined  in order to protect her sister.

Eric Lavallee of Ion Cinema said:

“It’ll be curious if much of this DNA finds itslef in her sophomore film which magnetically caught the attention of name-talent in Jessica Biel and Zosia Mamet. Shiva & May will bring out the kink and thriller elements.”

Now the news we are all interested in.. the release date:

Shoring up for the production in the month of October, this will technically be well ready for the fall festival season, and perhaps earlier for Cannes’ sidebars….but producers might hold out for Sundance 2015.

I wouldn’t mind waiting until 2015 for the film if it meant that Jess was at Sundance again. Her being a Sundance regular would really allow her to start getting those roles we are all dying to see her in.

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