Jessica Biel made her first appearance at the Grammy Awards tonight and she looked drop dead gorgeous!

Sitting with Beyonce and Jay-Z, the newlyweds seem to be in good spirits before Justin’s big performance. As I mentioned Jess looks just beautiful. It looks like she trimmed her bangs as well, I’m glad she is keeping the look for a little bit longer. To check out the ten photos I’ve added so far, click the preview below;

2 comments on “Jessica Biel at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards

  1. Shaya Collins on

    Justin and Jesse look so adorable together. It’s very sweet to see how he can’t keep his hands to himself and makes clear that this is his beautiful wife. Jesse looks really beautiful in her outfit and everything seems to be in the right place. Oh, and looks like Beyonce took her hubby’s seat according to the seating chart. Guess she wanted to have some girl talk during the show Haha.

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