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The Truth About Emanuel


Emanuel, an acerbic but sensitive teen, lives with her father and stepmother. She’s on the verge of another birthday—a day she has never cared for since her mother died giving birth to her—when the mysterious Linda, a young and hip mother, moves in next door. Intrigued by Linda’s striking resemblance to her late mother, Emanuel begins to babysit for Linda’s newborn daughter. As Emanuel and Linda spend more time together, they develop a bond that becomes deeply entwined in a surprising secret Linda harbors.

About the Film

Directed By:
Francesca Gregorini
Francesca Gregorini
Release Date:
November 25th, 2013 (VOD), January 10th, 2014 (Theatrical)
Run Time:
96 Minutes
MPAA Rating:
MRB Productions, Pisces Rising Productions, TriBeCa Distribution, Well Go USA
Box Office:
Kaya Scodelario (Emanuel), Jessica Biel (Linda), Alfred Molina (Dennis), Frances O’Connor (Janice), Jimmi Simpson (Arthur), Aneurin Barnard (Claude)

Trailer & Photos


“Truly, Gregorini’s made an extraordinary film- with perfect performances, dazzling visuals, and a haunting musical score by Nathan Larson. Again- it’s not for everyone, and it’s far from conventional. But- if you go in with an open mind, and are anxious to soak up something a little different, this is a gem. If there’s any justice, this one will get a lot of attention. At any rate, expect to be seeing a lot of Kaya Scodelario.”

– Chris Bumbay (JoBlo.Com)

“Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes is one of the most unique films you’ll see this year.It’s a dramatic psychological thriller with a powerful secret, captivating from the moment it begins; films of such a high calibre and with such an engaging premise have really been few and far between in recent memory.”

– Kenji Lloyd (HeyUGuys.Com)

“Sound heavy? It is. But trust us, this movie isn’t depressing–it’ll just make you think. Scodelario has said that she’s been waiting for a strong female role ever since her role in Skins ended, and if you ask us, this is it. The English actress can freeze you with her stone-cold glare, make you self-conscious with a single smirk, and can charm basically anyone if she sets her mind to it.”

– Liza Darwin (Nylon Magazine)


Linda: Emanuel, Emanuel, answer me.. What have you done with her?
Emanuel: What happens if the baby wakes up?
Linda: You rock her back and forth and you talk to her, she likes that, she likes to be talked to…
Linda: Sometimes I just don’t want to be a mother, I just want to push a button and get on with my day

Facts & Trivia

  • Filmed in Los Angelas, California, USA.
  • When the film was first announced, it was rumored that Rooney Mara and Rachel Weisz were cast as Emanuel and Linda.
  • Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and Sundance London in 2013.
  • The first official film project I got to work on. I designed the Sundance London poster along with the website.
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