As a web developer I spend 99% of my time online and between nerdy code blogs and celebrity gossip blogs I am always reading comments and really absorbing others view points and what not. Normally when there is a casting rumor involving Jess the responses aren’t always the most positive, and I blame this one the fact she hasn’t been able to play a role that has really stuck with everyone in the audience.

Since dropping her management and hiring WME, Jess’s projects have been changing quite a bit. Not only has the work flow slowed down, but the projects have become more interesting. The proof? “Shiva and May,” “New Girl,” “The Blunderer” and now the potential “True Detective.”

I think Jesse booking the “True Dectective” role will be the change her career that she and we, the fans, want to see. We are all aware of her talent and we are also aware of the fact that she doesn’t always get the best projects, I’m looking at you “Playing for Keeps”.

To revisit my original point, I have been reading 95% pro Biel comments, saying this could be a great venue for her to showcase her talents and I’m really hoping that the producers are able to read these opinions. Everyone could love her but if they feel she wouldn’t be a hit with the viewers they would be swayed to go another route.. Unfortunately there is no way to force everyone to watch films like “The Tall Man,” The Truth About Emanuel,” “The Illusionist,” “Easy Virtue,” and “London” where she plays a great character so we have to rely on our voices to be loud enough.

Luckily we have a large “True Detective” fansite on our side, they wrote:

“But like it could for Taylor Kitsch and Vince Vaughn, a role in True Detective could turn Biel’s career into something more than what it is and that right there is reason enough to root for her in the series.”


“Similarly, Vince Vaughn has appeared as a s rumor for one of the male leads. What would a series look like starring Jessica Biel and Vince Vaughn? It’s likely that the results would surprise you.”


Still, nothing is confirmed but we will know soon as filming will begin in the next few weeks.

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