The New York Post has reviewed “The Sinner,” and Michael Starr is a fan!

USA’s new drama, “The Sinner,” offers a twist on the creepy thriller genre: it’s not the crime that’s in question — we know whodunit early on — but the why behind its horrific consequences.

That’s the mystery that will unravel over the course of this eight-episode series, based on Petra Hammesfahr’s eponymous book.

Jessica Biel stars as Cora Tannetti, who’s been married for three years to good-guy Mason (Christopher Abbott, Charlie from “Girls”) and works in his family’s business (in upstate New York). Cora and Mason have a baby son they love and, on the surface, are the snapshot of middle-class normalcy. But there are cracks in Cora’s placid facade. She resents her overbearing in-laws, who live next door, masking her boredom and depression with pills. And she has these weird flashbacks harkening back to her troubled childhood and her psycho mother, who blamed Cora for her little sister’s illness.

And then it happens.

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The Sinner” premieres on August 2nd on USA at 10/9c

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