A couple of months ago we got the “Nailed” wheels turning again with the announcement of K.Jam Media and Universal Studio’s taking on the release of the film. While news has gone dry again, it seems the film has officially been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA.

While this does not solidify a release, it does show us there are people working to get the film out there. I have mixed feelings towards the release of “Nailed” as it’s an out dated issue and no longer an accurate representation of Jess or her acting talents. Then again, she was working with the Oscar winning director David O’Russell, so it’d be interesting see her under that kind of direction. My pro/con list could go on.

As for the final scene that was needing to be re-shot, ┬áright before we posted about ‘Universal,’ a gossip blog had started the rumor Jess had finally done the re-shoot with co-star Tracy Morgan. The film now lists “Nailed Partners, LLC” as one of the distributors. These little bits of news seem to be piecing together something much greater, and I’m excited to watch this unfold.

Check out Rope of Silicon for the original article.

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