One of the main draws of Jessica is how true to herself and where she came from, that she stays. A native of Colorado, she exudes the “Americana” style in her daily life.

While in attendance at New York Fashion Week she took the time to sit down with Vogue and give a little insight into her everyday style mantra and why she attended Ralph Lauren’s see-now-buy-now Fall show.

Jessica was refreshing in the interview, telling all what it’s really like to be a full time mom, entrepreneur and actress. She told Vogue “It’s all about finding a better balance. Some days I have to admit I wear baggy, dirty jeans with T-shirts and sneakers,” said Biel. “If I have a nice outfit on, it is going to get covered with some kind of Elmer’s glue or food that my kid has.”

Though per usual while in attendance, Jessica left the overalls and sneakers at home. Dressed in high fashion; she was wearing lace and proving to everyone a tomboy at heart can make all the fashionista’s hearts go pitter patter.

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