Jesse is the first ever “Yahoo! Style” cover girl and not only did we get an amazing photo shoot, but she was joined by Justin (Biel) and Grason Ratowsky to talk “BARE.”

“What’s amazing about a BARE bag is that it evokes the life that it’s had before you”

The trio discusses how “BARE” became and what Jesse’s influence was on the brand. To read the full article head over to Yahoo! Style and read, it’s not too long and it’s a fun look at the company!

Jesse was also photographed by Pamela Hanson and this (I know, I say this every time) might be my favorite Jess shoot of all time! I am in love with her hair (great job, Adir Abergel) and the simplicity of her make-up. Click the preview below to check out the 13 high quality photos!


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