Jesse attended the “Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes” press conference hosted by Variety at the CinemaCafe Lounge in Park City, Utah earlier today, and I’ve added two photos of the event.

Along with that great new set, I’ve also added photos of Jesse at the dinner party in honor of “Emanuel,” hosted by the ” Next Generation Filmmaker Dinner Series.” Not only were the Twitter reactions to the film more than positive, so is the first review from The Hollywood Reporter, calling Jessica the “anchor” of the film.

Last but not least, while heading to the premiere for “Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes,” Jesse was photographed signing autographs for fans. To preview the photos from today, click the preview below;

One comment on “Jessica Biel at CinemaCafe Lounge for “Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes”

  1. Shaya Collins on

    These are some gorgeous photos. It’s nice to see the main cast together and to read the first positive review about Emanuel. I am sure more will follow.

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