Jess has officially made her firt attempt in the fashion world with her brother, Justin.

The duo have announced “Bare,” a line of eco-friendly bags that are made in Colorado, which also happen to be the Biels hometown. Here is a snippet from the official press release:

Bare bags are handmade in Colorado, where the Biels and Ratowsky grew up, reusing coffee bean sacks. The idea came about after Ratowsky’s dad, an artist who had been working in Costa Rica, brought back a giant java bag. It was from that bag that Ratowsky came up with two tote styles, a backpack and pouch, all unisex and each made from one-of-a-kind recycled materials. Going forward, the team is considering using everything and anything to create the eco-friendly bags including sailboat sails and grain sacks from breweries.

So far Biel has been the only one to carry the bags in public, which have just launched. She toldVogue, “It’s my set bag … It has all my scripts, all my stuff, all of my character stuff, it comes with me every day to work.”

This is such a cool route for Jesse to take and I really love the look of the bags, check out their official website to get yours today!

BONUS: Two pics of Jess being super cool!

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