Jesse, her brother Justin and his best friend Grason Ratowsky, aka the “BARE” team, sat down with Bryan Elliott of “Behind the Brand” to discuss “BARE” and how the brand was created.

It’s really interesting to get a peek inside of Jesse’s other business ventures, we all love the film updates obviously but this cool. Unfortunately for “BARE” the interview got a little derailed and became more about Jesse and her career in Hollywood but, none the less, it’s a fun watch!

If you haven’t purchased your “BARE” accessory yet you should definitely check out their site! I have the Tacuba Rolltop Backpack myself and it’s perfect for business meetings, when I need to bring a pair of clothes for the gym, or when I’m going on a hike and need to bring along some stuff. I highly suggest it to anyone who would get good use out of it!

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