Hope you weren’t feeling old today! 7th Heaven celebrates its 17th birthday today.

7th Heaven is the longest running family drama in T.V. history and is often held in high regard. We can’t lie and say there weren’t terrible cheese ball moments but among those it shared good values without shoving Christianity in your face.

Jesse and 7th Heaven are a touchy subject, while she is on good terms with everyone in the cast and even appeared on the series (fake) finale, there was still Gear Magazine. It was said Jess wanted off the show and thought doing this shoot would end her contract, Spelling kept her on for two more seasons.

Talks of a reunion have also been happening on Twitter, even with Papa Camden saying the only person they need is Jesse… way to call her out.

Whether or not a reunion happens, let’s remember what a great show it was! I’d have to say my favorite season is still 1.

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