Wooo! Got some great news for you Biel fans!

Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes” was screened at the Ashland Film Festival last week, and during the awards ceremony, the film took home the awards for  Best Ensemble Cast and Best Cinematography.

I’d like to congratulate everyone on the “Emanuel” team for this success, it’s really something.

Emanuel” is the of Jesse’s most successful films to hit the Festival circuit since “The Illusionist.” The reviews on Jesse’s performance have been nothing short of amazing, some even saying “if enough people see it, can be a game changer for her career.” Long story short,  I am beyond stoked for that what this film could do for Jesse’s career.

Along with the (amazing) awards news, I have also uploaded the UK poster for the film. I think I prefer this version as opposed to the others souly based on the reviews themselves. Let me know your thoughts, since you know,  I designed it!

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