Ahh! Super exciting day for us Biel fans, and Jess herself! “Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes” isĀ premieringĀ at the Sundance Film Festival tonight!

I’d just like to wish everyone who worked on / in / with the film good luck, and I can’t wait for the reviews to start pouring in! There will be a premiere tonight that Jessica and Kaya are attending, so naturally I’ll have all the flawfree photos for your enjoyment! I hope she pulls an ’06 Sundance and does almost make-up free, that’s my favorite look on her.

To get everyone excited, and just because they are great — here are two clips from the film;

One comment on ““Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes” will Premiere at Sundance Tonight!

  1. Shaya Collins on

    Thank you for the heads up, Stephen. I’m already looking forward to all the Sundance “Emanuel” news you’ll update us with and I can’t wait to watch the movie myself.

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