Wow.. Well this is happening pretty fast and I’m loving it!

Jesse’s first release of 2013, “Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes,” has just launched it’s official website and the first clip.

It looks like a soft launch as all the content is not yet available, but regardless I’m excited. The clip is titled “Dinner” and features Kaya Scodelario, Alfred Molina, and Frances O’Connor. Just based on this clip I’m extremely pleased this is a project Jesse is a part of and I cannot wait to watch her steal the show as “Linda.”

Now that you’ve seen the clip, go go go visit the official website!

One comment on ““Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes” Launches Website and New Clip

  1. Shaya Collins on

    Kaya has a very strong on screen presence and I can’t wait until we get to watch the first clip featuring Jesse.

    The official website needs some work done, I hope they will consider that as it would give the film more boost, too.

    Thank you, Stephen, for keeping us fans updated!

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