It’s no secret that movies, music videos, and other produced en devours are filled with product placement, but is there a point where it is to much? Obsessed with Film sure thinks so, and they have placed Blade:Trinity on the list for films that are “just giant adverts.”

Jesse’s Abigail Whistler is pin-pointed for her need to listen to her iPod while killing vampires. Here’s what they had to say:

One of the most infamous instances of product placement hands down, Blade: Trinity takes what could have been a simple nod to Apple and allows it to consume pretty much the rest of the movie. Jessica Biel’s Abigail Whistler isn’t content simply being a sexy, badass vampire slayer, no; she also has to listen to her iPod while taking the beasties down, as demonstrated by a scene in which we see her loading a playlist of songs onto her iPod.

Even excusing the sheer idiocy of listening to music while fighting vampires, there’s not a scrap of shame or subtlety about this placement; the result, of course, is that every time we see Abigail fighting vampires and we see that earpiece, we’re quite consciously thinking of Apple, rather than unconsciously, as is the whole idea of good product placement.

I can’t lie, my obsession for getting an iPod (omg life in 2004) began after seeing Abigail kick ass with hers. With that said, it’s true, you are completely aware you’re being sold a product, and that does take away from what could have just been a cool thing. But Blade:Trinity is still one of my favorite Jesse films and I still get sad when I think of it’s box office success, or lack there of.

Here’s to that Nightstalkers spin-off that never happened!

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