Wow, Jessica and her producing partner Michelle Purple are probably having a great week.

First, “The Book of Love” has been number 1 on iTunes indie charts for the past 5 days and now it has been announced that “The Sinner,” which is produced by Iron Ocean, has been picked up as a series by USA.

The first installment of the close-ended series follows a young mother (Biel) who, when overcome by an inexplicable fit of rage, commits a startling act of violence and to her horror has no idea why. The event launches an inverted and utterly surprising crime thriller whose driving force is not the “who” or the “what” — but the “why” — as an investigator (Pullman) finds himself obsessed with uncovering the woman’s buried motive. Together they travel a harrowing journey into the depths of her psyche and the violent secrets hidden in her past.

Not only are we excited about the series, but Jessica and the President of NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment are pretty stoked too…

“My partner, Michelle Purple, and I are so honored and excited to be producing powerful, raw material like The Sinner,” Biel said in a statement. “We strive to tell humanistic and emotionally moving stories; especially ones that put women at the epicenter. I have been lucky, as both actor and producer, to work with our immensely talented writer/creator Derek Simonds and can’t wait to see what the collaboration brings throughout the series. Mostly, I’m thrilled to introduce the world of The Sinner to audiences with the tremendous support of our bold partners, Universal Cable Productions and USA.”

“From the moment Dawn [Olmstead] brought in this provocative thriller, we knew that only an exceptional creative team would realize its full potential, Jessica, Bill, Derek and Antonio take us on an unforgettable ride.”

I honestly cannot wait! I wonder when in 2017 it will premiere?

Check out the press release here.

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