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Ronald Moore Inks Three Pic Deal with United Artists

After re-imagining the popular ’80s sci-fi television classic Battlestar Galactica into one of the hottest, most complex TV dramas in the history of television, word came down the pike on Thursday that writer/producer/creator Ronald D. Moore has inked a three-picture science fiction deal with Tom Cruise’s United Artists.

According to Variety, no specific projects have been lined up or talked about, but the new deal, which is designed to develop three science fiction projects, is most definitely a good sign for UA, which released the underachieving Lions for Lambs in 2007 and just recently pushed back Cruise’s Nazi war drama Valkyre to early 2009. As for Moore, the soon-to-be-former Battlestar Galactica series executive producer is keeping busy with scripting duties on the upcoming Jessica Biel crime thriller Die A Little (a separate UA project) while also developing future projects set within the Galactica universe.

From our perspective, it all sounds great for science fiction fans. Let’s hope UA let’s Moore do his thing and gives him the freedom to do what he does best when working outside the box. When it comes to Ron Moore, we’re cutting the guy major slack on anything he signs on to do. We’ll never forget the backlash and barrage of fanboy negativity when he first announced the details of what he was going to do with the Galactica franchise. Boy, were fanboys wrong about that one.

In recent years, Moore’s name has also been connected to a remake of the John Carpenter classic The Thing and a sequel to the recent sci-fi hit I, Robot.

This is good news.. If UA is doing well, Die A Little will happen!

Posted on: April 19, 2008 by Stephen
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