Jesse and BARE are giving away an Artist Collection Tote to the lucky buyer of an Artist Collection Wallet or Artist Collection Fanny/Clutch! I’d say that’s pretty amazing! The giveaway (with a purchase) is going on until July 18th, so if you were planning on grabbing a BARE bag, now is the time! On a recent adventure … Read More


Well this is freaking adorable.. Jesse was doing some shopping in Hollywood, CA when a little boy named Aries saw Jesse, recognized her and followed her around the store! He even picked out a gift for her.. Too cute. Jess seems to be enjoying the little boys attention as well! Looks like they both enjoyed … Read More


‘The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea‘ has moved back into Pre-Production without half of it’s cast. The film, which will be produced by produced by Iron Ocean Studios and C Plus Pictures, now has Jesse and Mary Steenburgen attached to star. Previously Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Chloe Grace Moretz were attached for the films’ two Read More

Jessica Biel

I was lucky enough to get some of Jesse’s older shoots in High Quality a few weeks ago and oh boy did they take me down memory lane! First shoot I replaced was the 2006 for ‘Entertainment Weekly’ when Jess was experiencing her breakthrough moment and I remember this being the first new shoot after … Read More


Well here is something we already knew but is now an undeniable fact! Plastic surgeons revealed that the “ideal” female nose is turned up at 106% and Jesse & her co-stars Scarlett Johansson (‘Hitchcock‘) and Kate Beckinsale (‘Total Recall‘) also make the list! The Daily Mail provides a whole article on the re Read More


Jesse has taken to her social media accounts to share her support for the USA team during today’s World Cup match against Germany. Wearing an American flag baseball cap and hold the flag in her mouth a-la Salsa style! She looks super cute! Read More


This is one of my favorite shoots Jesse has done so I’m excited that a new outtake has been released! Encase you are unaware, Jesse is on the 6th issue of ‘Dior’ Magazine and it was photographed by Patrick Dermachelier. Click the preview below for the full shot! Read More


The Tracking Board, a website for “Hollywood’ss Insider Information,” has revealed that Jesse is attached to star in ‘My Blind Brother,’ which is a feature-length adaption of the 2003 short film which competed at the Cannes film festival. Scoot McNairy will be the films lead and he plays Bill, “a man who is const Read More


Mark Ryden is a famed artist and Jesse is a fan! She has tweeted his artwork before and yesterday she suggested to her 621k followers to go check his show at the Kohn Gallery! The gallery is located in L.A. so I’m assuming there is only a small percentage of you who could potentially see … Read More


Jennifer Lopez was on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with Andy Cohen when a caller asked JLo who has a better butt, Beyonce or Kim Kardashian? Well JLo set them straight and answered with the only correct response, Jesse! Andy’s reaction was pretty good, he completely agreed! If you guys don’t recall Jesse actually Read More

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