Jesse was at JT’s Montreal show last night and home girl was in the crowd dancing along with everyone else (minus her security team)! Too cute. Thanks to the Instagram account lovestimberlake we are able to share that video! Not only do we have that gem, but there was this shot of Jesse looking at … Read More

Jesse was snapped by the photogs while taking a stroll in Montreal earlier today. Mrs. Timberlake is there to support her husband as he continues his “20/20 Experience” World Tour. It won’t be long before Jesse returns to work, on August 4th she’ll be filming her episode of “New Girl” and this fall she will &hell Read More


YASSSS!!!!!!! Jesse is finally making her return to T.V. in a guest appearance for the hit FOX show ‘New Girl.’ Jess will be playing Kat, the worlds hottest scientist, and her character will be a nemesis to Zooey Dechanels’s character, Jess. The ladies will come head to head when they are vying for the same cute guy at … Read More


Jesse was photographed leaving “The Great Greek” on July 17th and home girl looks amazing! Wearing a white blazer, white T, and a pair of paint splattered jeans with cute-as-fuq wedges, Mrs. Timberlake stepped her game up from the previous day where she was seen wearing fashion nighty. Looks like Jess is all business with her laptop & Read More


Alone we are strong, together are are 1 million strong… Powerful, right? (Ha!) Jesse has finally crossed over into the million-fan threshold on her Facebook profile yesterday and it’s the first social networking profile to reach the milestone! Congrats girl, next up a biellion tbh! If you don’t like Jesse on Facebook yet be sure & Read More


BARE is holding yet another awesome give away and this time the lucky buyer of an Artist Collection Fanny/Clutch or Wallet will also win Jesse’s “Bare” tote, which accompanied her on her recent trip through Europe! Not only will you be the proud new owner of one of the cutest clutches/wallets available but you also … Read More


Jesse took to her Instagram yesterday to share a photo of her with the insanely talented Lee Daniels (Director of the Butler). Not only is it an adorable shot of the two who seem to be genuinely happy, but it also sparks the question… da huh?? Is Jesse just sharing she is indeed friends with … Read More


When I first opened this site it seemed that every other post was a new set of candids of Jesse leaving the “Pro Gym” in Hollywood, so whenever new gym pics come my inner teen can’t help but feel the excitement! Jesse was seen leaving the gym in West Hollywood yesterday morning, July 16th.. Just ensuring … Read More


I had originally intended to not post anymore candids on the main page but after several e-mails and some consideration I have decided to post the least offensive one’s on here from time to time. Jesse and “Iron Ocean Studio’s” partner Michelle Purple were seen arriving at a Studio in L.A., California earlier today. The two Read More

Yeah yeah that last layout didn’t last very long but I wasn’t really feeling it.. I was anxious to get a mobile version online, just to stay current with the trends but I ended up putting up something I wasn’t 100% in love with, so here we are! This too is a responsive theme that … Read More

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