Remember that cute photo of Jess with the pup,  Harry? Well we now know that Jesse and a handful of other celebrities joined photographer Jeff Vespa for his “The Art of Discovery: Hollywood Stars Review Their Inspirations” book where everyone posed with his pups Max and/or Harry. Jesse looks absolutely gorgeous in these two shots, &hel Read More

Jessica Biel gets ready for her new role on the hit show "New Girl"

Jesse was photographed by paprazzi while she arrived to set to film her guest appearance on the hit FOX show, “New Girl.” Jess will be making her return to T.V. playing Kat, the worlds hottest scientist who is going after the same cute guy Zooey Deschanel’s character, “Jess,” is. Reid Scott was cast as the unnamed &he Read More

Every year Victoria’s Secret creates a list of “what is sexy” and this year Jesse was given the title of best sporty style! The “Angels” got together and filmed a video to announce this years sexiest and Jesse is joined by “New Girl” co-star Zooey Deschanel, who was awarded sexiest sense of humor. Turns o Read More


And it begins! Twitter user dendantas shared this photo of Jesse and the cast of “New Girl” during a read through in L.A. yesterday and I couldn’t be more freakin’ excited. Not only are we (the fans) excited but Jesse took to Twitter to share her excitement as well! Get ready, @NewGirlonFOX http://t.co/Yf3h7u0ESe — Jes Read More


It was reported last week that Jesse would be making her return to T.V. with a guest spot on the season 4 premiere of “New Girl.” We found out that Biel would be playing Kat, the worlds hottest scientist, who gets herself in a competition with Zooey Dechanel’s character, Jess, over a cute guy at … Read More


I have been a Jesse fan for over ten years now and I have never witnessed fandom like the the “Britney Army.” They are by far the angriest group around. Their rage is fueled by Britney’s crumbling legacy and they will blame anyone they can for it, including Justin and Jess. They are all over … Read More


Jesse was at JT’s Montreal show last night and home girl was in the crowd dancing along with everyone else (minus her security team)! Too cute. Thanks to the Instagram account lovestimberlake we are able to share that video! Not only do we have that gem, but there was this shot of Jesse looking at … Read More

Jesse was snapped by the photogs while taking a stroll in Montreal earlier today. Mrs. Timberlake is there to support her husband as he continues his “20/20 Experience” World Tour. It won’t be long before Jesse returns to work, on August 4th she’ll be filming her episode of “New Girl” and this fall she will &hell Read More


YASSSS!!!!!!! Jesse is finally making her return to T.V. in a guest appearance for the hit FOX show ‘New Girl.’ Jess will be playing Kat, the worlds hottest scientist, and her character will be a nemesis to Zooey Dechanels’s character, Jess. The ladies will come head to head when they are vying for the same cute guy at … Read More


Jesse was photographed leaving “The Great Greek” on July 17th and home girl looks amazing! Wearing a white blazer, white T, and a pair of paint splattered jeans with cute-as-fuq wedges, Mrs. Timberlake stepped her game up from the previous day where she was seen wearing fashion nighty. Looks like Jess is all business with her laptop & Read More

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