Uh, well this is slightly random. The Yari Film Group, the company who produced ‘The Illusinoist‘ have apparently sold a series based on the show to the CW. They have moved Vienna to New York and swapped the Crown Prince for a Crime Boss…. Sounds like the CW alright. Written by Mark Hudis (True Blood), the CW adaptation will Read More


There is a man on the loose with Jesse’s bow from Blade: Trinity, let’s just hope he’s no where near as trained/strong as she was so nobody get’s hurt! There is no proof that it was stolen by a maniac, but it was stolen along with eight other valuable weapons. Local New Westminster residents are … Read More


Jesse and a handful of other celebrities donated their hand drawn art to “Color Outside the Lines,” a charity that raises money for LilySarahGrace (LSG). Who knew Jesse was also an okay artist? Girl can do anything! Check out her sketch below: Read More


Good! It’s being reported that Jesse and JT are suing the French publication that shared photos of JT inside of a club with his backup dancer. ~Scandalous! But, you know people, they all freaked out and assumed the worst — probably due to nothing interesting happening in their own world, kinda sad tbh. Luckily the power … Read More


After the hype of “New Girl” things have slowed down like, 40%, so I have shared photos of Jesse leaving a business meeting in Santa Monica yesterday, September 23rd. With all of the “True Detective” rumors floating around it’s hard for my mind to think about these photos objectively, all of me wants to believe these Read More


I have added some new photos of Jesse “Behind the Scenes” while on set of New Girl, and I have also added screen captures from Jesse’s the episode, “The Last Wedding.” It’s a little bittersweet posting these, the episode was great and Jesse was HILARIOUS, but now it’s over :|. Luckily we have several projec Read More

Total Recall film stills

As a web developer I spend 99% of my time online and between nerdy code blogs and celebrity gossip blogs I am always reading comments and really absorbing others view points and what not. Normally when there is a casting rumor involving Jess the responses aren’t always the most positive, and I blame this one … Read More


Jesse is now a Valli girl, I guess! She and other actresses/models, including Btooke Shields, Leez Radziwill and Lena Dunham, shot a video celebrating the launch of ‘Giamba.’ ‘Giamba’ is Giambasttista Valli’s new ready-to-wear label and it will debut tomorrow, September 19th. No word if Jesse and the other girls are at Read More


If this doesn’t make you feel 100 million different things, I don’t know what will tbh. Beverley Mitchell shared a photo of her with Jesse and most of the Camden family gathered around in a kitchen, all giving a huge smile. A 7th Heaven reunion has been brought up at least 20 times a year … Read More


It’s heeeeeere!! Tonight on FOX “New Girl” is back and Jesse is guest starring. Be sure to tune in or set your DVR’s to record, let’s make sure that the whole fan base watches so we can show FOX Jesse is the way! To help build your excitement, check out the full clip of Kat … Read More

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