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Jessica Biel Talks With “The Daily Beast” About Emanuel and Life

It’s been a moment (a year, actually) since Jesse has sat down and given an interview, but recently she talked with Marlow Stern of The Daily Beast to discuss “The Truth About Emanuel,” Justin Timberlake, and life.

Jessica Biel opens up about her bizarre role as an unstable mom in The Truth About Emanuel, life as Mrs. Timberlake, and her heartbreak over a sidelined David O. Russell film.

Jessica Biel has played some far-out characters in her day, from a teen nympho in The Rules of Attraction to a turn-of-the-century duchess caught between a prince and a magician in The Illusionist. But this is by far her most peculiar role yet.

In The Truth About Emanuel, in theaters Jan. 10, Biel plays Linda, a mysterious woman who moves in next door to a tortured teen, Emanuel (Kaya Scoledario), who still blames herself for her mother’s death during childbirth. Emanuel finds herself drawn to Linda, who resembles her dead mother, and agrees to babysit her newborn child. However, she soon discovers that Linda is a mentally unstable woman who believes a baby doll is a flesh-and-blood child. As the troubled Linda, Biel delivers one of the more fascinating performances of her career, and the film as a whole resembles a more surreal and horrifying version of Lars and the Real Girl.

Biel spoke to The Daily Beast about her new film, the secrets to making her relationship with husband Justin Timberlake work, and much more.

The first time I saw The Truth About Emanuel was at Sundance last year, and it was called Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes back then. But what drew you to this strange character—a mentally ill woman caring for a baby doll?

The mental state of this person, the trauma that this person has gone through, and what the brain does to the body when you experience a traumatic thing in your life was interesting to explore. I’ve never experienced anything remotely like this woman has experienced. It’s a snap in the brain, and the protective quality of the human brain is very fascinating.

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Posted on: January 7, 2014

Jessica Biel and James Marsden on the set of “Nailed”

I get so excited anytime there is anything “new” on “Nailed,”  and here we have a photo of Jesse and James Marsden on set of the troubled project.

In the shot we can see Alice on a hospital bed while boyfriend Scott stands beside her. This is not a production still but rather a “marker” photo, meaning they use it to compare the positions of certain things to make two takes seamless encase they need to be pieced together.

Here’s to hoping “Nailed gets a 2014 release!

Posted on: January 6, 2014

Another Pressed Blogger Tries to Drag Jessica and JT

When it rains it pours I guess.. Another ~blind item (this one dated November 26th, 2013) about Jess and JT has been released and this time it includes Britney Spears.

According to this ever reliable source (lolz), Jess is worried about being “humiliated” by Justin and having him leave her for his first girlfriend, fallen pop star Britney Spears. Not only have they been “texting” but according to this Justin was supposed to “meet up” with Britney in Vegas after her first performance.. Did not happen.

They also claimed Jessica would not be “supporting” Justin at any of his upcoming obligations until she has some “great projects lined up.” This would go hand in hand with Jesse’s absence from the American Music Awards and SNL, but completely goes against what is actually happening, which is Jess and Justin spending the Holiday’s together per the norm.

This has already unveiled itself to be false based on the lack of accuracy with Justin meeting up with Britney and Jess not supporting JT (she tweeted she was watching from home.) As for Jess needing “great projects lined up,” uh.. her latest release, “The Truth About Emanuel,” has garnered nothing but positive reviews for Jess and the movie, and she filmed “Shiva & May” in the fall of 2013. The long-delayed “Nailed,”  directed by Oscar winner David O’Russell, is set to be released in 2014 and also stars Jake Gyllenhaal, James Marsden and Kirstie Alley.

Having heard enough of the garbage being posted about her family, Mama Timberlake took to Facebook yesterday to put rumors to rest.

I will never understand why some fans are so pressed, enjoy your favs work and stop the bullshit.

Posted on: January 5, 2014

JT’s Mom, Lynn Harless, Takes to Facebook About Divorce Rumors

Mama Timberlake is not happy with the tabloids this week and she’s taken to her Facebook to speak out against those who are trying to drag the couple.

“I really try not to comment on bullshit stuff, but I get so sick of all these stupid tabloids printing all the crap that they do about my son and his beautiful wife, who by the way are immensely happy and so much in love! Why don’t some of you act like journalist and print a real story! Report some actual news and stop making up rumors about people’s lives who are otherwise VERY happy!”

Ms. Harless’ profile is private but has accepted requests from several Jessica/JT fans and one shared the status here.

As I previously posted, Jess and JT are ringing in the new year in Big Sky, Montana. I hope the whole family has a good holiday season and won’t let tabloid trash ruin any high spirits!

Posted on: January 4, 2014

Are Jessica and Justin in Montana?

Earlier today a blind item hinted that Jess and JT were expecting their first child and she was “showing.”

A couple hours of ago, a Twitter user took to their account to announce that Jess and JT had eaten at their restaurant earlier in the day. The user said they were in Big Sky, Montana.

No mention of a baby bump and there go those divorce rumors.. So all of that was for, nothing?

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel ate at my restaurant and now I will never stop smiling

- Molly Sharr (@moll_town) January 3, 2014

See what happens when the internet gossips with no facts? Glad they were able to enjoy their Holiday like normal.

Posted on: January 2, 2014