As you can tell, Jessica Biel Central has been given a new layout! I wasn’t a huge fan of the previous ones, the colors were a little to dull for my taste.. Be sure to comment so I know what you guys think!

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cavey Says:

Your lips make me wish I was your coffee mug!

Jason Says:

Just love the new layout. Much brighter. Thanks for all of your work on the site.

Kara Says:

I found changing the look very good.
Always in good taste and satisfaction of all Fans of Jessica Biel.
What Brazil thanks

Tess Says:

Congratulations beautiful …

Adelka Says:

Much better than the previous layout. Congratulations! Anyway, good job as always :)

Czech Republic!!!

Hailey Says:

Love it

Mahdi Says:

Love It. Great colours ;)

josephsf1983 Says:

I love new layout of Jessica Biel central Jessica Biel look gorgeous new layout did amazing job new layout to Jessica Biel Central.Always number1 fan of Jessica Biel for life and support .I love Jessica Biel :-).Jessica Biel us number1 fans of your always got your back in life Jessica Biel.

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