Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes” has been the best reviewed film since 2006’s “The Illusionist” and here are some more bloggers who agree, “Emanuel” is a film you just can’t shake.

Front Row Reviews really enjoyed the film and gave it one hell of a review;

I walked into Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes quite unaware about what I was going to watch; all I knew was that it starred one of the most intriguing casts I had seen this year. From Kaya “Skins” Scodelario to Frances “Bedazzled” O’Connor, and stopping along the way with Jessica “Blade: Trinity” Biel. Well, I can tell you straight off, this was one of the most powerful, provocative and emotionally dazzling films I have seen in ages.

Forging realities and giving us some of the most powerful and raw performances of the year, especially Scodelario and Biel who gives the best performances of their careers, Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes is one of those films, which will stay with you. It will get your heart beating and make you want to fall in love all over again.

Movie Emporium had nothing but kind words for the film and its stars, Jesse and Kaya Scodelario;

Jessica Biel commits to this role fearlessly and in perhaps one of the first ‘serious’ roles i’ve seen her in, does well but the real stars of this are the young Kaya Scodelario in the lead role and a superb supporting cast including Alfred Molina who expertly portrays an exhausted but unrelenting Emanuel’s father, Francis O’Connor who is startlingly brilliant as Janice, the step mother, a woman who is a bundle of contained desperation and frustration and Aneurin Barnard who plays Claude offers moments of innocence and beauty with his character.

Overall a rewarding watch which will suck you into a world which seems unnerving but leaves you feeling wholly satisfied.

The Hollywood News was also able to attend a screening and gave the film a 4 out of 4!

Frances O’Connor and Alfred Molina are predictably superb, and while this will no doubt be a breakout role for Scodelario, it is Jessica Biel who shines, never better than she is here. Known primarily for her action roles, this could mean great things for the long serving Biel and hopefully a step to more dramatic roles that show us what she is truly capable of.

Gregorini’s film is divisive, but you go out with a feeling that you will be left dwelling on for quite some time. And that is how you know it is art.

It’s really exciting to see everyone loving Jesse and the film, and it’s truly deserved. Congrats to the whole “Emanuel” team for another successful screening!

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