Proving she’s a Jess of all Trades (ha), Jessica, along with celebrity stylist Estee Stanley and Mat Sanders, designed a Holiday themed room for Domaine Home.

To kick off an inspiring season, we asked actress and style maven Jessica Biel to design her dream holiday room. Bursting with ideas for the space, Biel curated a board full of inspiring images — lush garlands and greenery, antique Chinoiserie, dramatic evening gowns, graphic gift wrap, quiet English gardens, brass lanterns, peppermint bark, and gilded frames. Along with our editor-at-large Estee Stanley, director Mat Sanders, and the Domaine team, Biel designed a cozy and elegant interior that’s ideal for enjoying family and friends, unwrapping presents, and sipping on mulled wine.

She wanted the space to reflect her personal style: comfortable and elegant, with an appreciation for beautiful things. The room would need to feel homey, yet have a touch of drama and edge. A timeless, plush black and white wide-striped sofa rose to the challenge creating a gorgeous base for the space — and made the perfect accompaniment to a Coco Chanel-inspired Christmas tree, which was dripped with pearls, black ribbon, and white leather flowers. A supple leather Danish modern armchair injected just the right amount of seasonal color and was beautifully balanced with elegant greenery. For an element of surprise, a salvaged stone table top from Brenda Antin was placed on two stacks of fashion and art books, transforming it into a casual and inviting coffee table. Read on below for Jessica’s tips on recreating this chic winter wonderland in your home

I’d be cool with that being a room in my house.

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