According to My Entertainment World “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” is going to begin filming this month in New Orleans, LA.

Nothing more than “Mid February” is given as a date range but a new and more detailed synopsis has been released;

Blissful life in Louisiana drifts by for love-stricken, reserved architect Henry (Sudeikis) and his artistic, warmly animated wife Penny (Biel) until a deadly car crash shatters their promising future and leaves Henry to aimlessly pick up the pieces without his better half. Unable to balance his own hysteria with the demands of his cold, aristocratic mother-in-law (Steenburgen) success-driven partner, he turns his focus towards helping spit-fire homeless teen Millie who frequently digs through their trash but is reluctant to reveal why. Stricken with curiosity, Henry pursues the girl and discovers her plans to build a raft and sail to a far off island. Armed with a background in architecture, he offers his backyard and a helping hand to Millie so that her dream can become a reality.. In a battle between passion and profession, Henry must fight to preserve the beauty of his wife’s colorful life and newfound hope for Millie’s future in a world plagued by societal demands and black and white expectations.

It’s clear that Jesse won’t be on screen too much but her involvement and dedication to get this film made makes my anticipation equal to that of a starring role.

Jason Sudeikis, Maisie Williams, Mary Steenburgen and Jessica Biel star. Bill Purple will Direct while Robbie Pickering wrote the screenplay. Iron Ocean Studios and C Plus Pictures will produce.

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