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Jessica has always been an out-door person as we all know and she has a huge heart for animals. Which shows up with always wanting pets around her and also with Jessica supporting ‘The Wild Animal Sanctuary’ at Make The Difference Networkhelping animal in need.Here’s a little tribute to the three dogs which Jessica has own. She might have had others in her childhood but here’s her three dog friends.

East – Was a dog Jessica had together with her then boyfriend Chris Evans. It was Chris dog from the beginning but as they were a couple for many years you can see it as Jessica adopted him as well. East is as you might see a Bull dog and he lived untill around 2005 and Jessica expressed how sad she was when he died. Jessica also took East with her to several events and also a photoshoot for Animal Fair Magazine.

Tina – Was Jessica’s very first own dog and she’s an American bullterrier. After East died Jessica was seen out walking friends dogs but sometime in early 2006 did Jessica get Tina and they have been together ever since. It seems like Tina is somewhat Jessica’s best friend because they are always seen out walking and also with them bringing other dogs with them.

Tevy – Jessica thought Tina should have company by another dog and she bought Tevy, who also was an American bullterrier. She got her in summer 2007 sometime but in 2008 a very tragic accident happened in a dog park and Tevy didn’t make it. Things like that can happen when it comes to animals as we all know but Jessica was very upset about this. Tevy and Jessica also did a photoshoot together for People Magazine.