On December 4th, Jess handled the press line at the “The Truth About Emanuel” premiere in Hollywood, CA – and a few sound bites have become more popular than others..

In “The Truth About Emanuel,” Jesse plays Linda, a mother who is struggling some heavy issues, so it only makes sense that on the red carpet they ask Jess about her  own maternal instincts. Here’s what she had to say:

“Every woman has some kind of intuition of how they’d interact with a child, I feel comfortable around kids, so I was kind of rolling with that idea.”

She was also asked if she had any plans on becoming a mother herself..

“I’m not sure about sooner or later,” she said. “But definitely at some point.”

This baby madness is insane! For those who are dying to see Jess become a Mom, check out “The Truth About Emanuel” and you’ll get your fill :D.

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