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Jessica Biel Out in NYC, and did “Nailed” Finish Shooting?

Jesse was snapped by paparazzi while out and about in NYC earlier today, looking insanely cute.

It was said she was hanging out with a few gal pals and was later seen hailing down a cab. I’m loving this shoe on her, def one of my favorites she’s ever worn. To check out the four photos I’ve added (so far) click the preview below;

Also, according to GossipGirls, Jess recently finished the remaining scene for “Nailed,” while we should take this with a grain of salt because nothing official has been reported, it’s still a nice dream to have! No other information is available, other than it’s slated for a 2013 release.


  1. Maria P. says:

    Congratulations Jessica, have a Happy Birthday ,you deserve
    all happiness of the world.
    Kisses.. *___*

  2. [...] started flying that Jesse recently filmed her final scene for “Nailed,” but again, no official news had been released. Now it is showing the film will be released [...]