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Jessica Biel not hurt in ‘Total Recall’ accident

There are signs that the movie gods don’t want anymore remakes, like the upcoming Total Recall retread. Case in point: Jessica Biel almost ended up as 105 pounds of hamburger during shooting of that movie. Don’t worry, she’s okay, so we can make fun of it.

The National Enquirer breaks news that Biel was on a future-style tram set when the car’s brakes failed, sending the thing careering past into a barrier at full speed and flipping it over.

“It was a terrifying catastrophe — we were so frightened for Jessica,” a crew member said. “The cart was totally upside down — and there were no sounds from her at all. But a moment later, we breathed a sigh of relief when somebody yelled out to her and we heard her shout back, ‘I’m okay!’ It’s a miracle she wasn’t seriously injured!”

It seems the actress was safe and sound, strapped into her seat, which is why they always tell you to buckle your seat belt. Now that we know she’s safe, we can get back to worrying whether or not the remake will at least change one thing — that stupid reveal of Kuato the rebel leader.

Posted on: July 13, 2011 by Stephen
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