Well here is some kind of shocking news, Jesse has let go of her long-time management team at “Management 360”, and is rumored to be contemplating leaving her CAA days behind her.

While I didn’t see this coming, I can’t say I’m not happy. Jesse has had the opportunity to show her acting chops in every genre, but now we need something groundbreaking.

Except for a few hot roles here and there (The Illusionist, Easy Virtue, The Tall Man, Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes) Jesse hasn’t had much success in the film industry, and I don’t believe it has anything to do with her ability but rather the roles she is getting. I’m excited to see a new chapter in Jesse’s career and I think this is a great moment to where she can start fresh, leave the past behind her and start getting the roles she deserves.

EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Biel has left Management 360. And while she is still with CAA, I’m told that she is in play. Biel discharged her managers late last week, and she will decide her future this week with CAA. That agency is preparing to reshuffle her rep team to try and keep her in the fold. Biel most recently was seen in Total Recall, the Gerard Butler soccer romcom Playing For Keeps, and Emanuel And The Truth About Fishes which premiered at Sundance. Next up, she stars in and is a producer of the Bill Purple-directed The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea opposite Chloe Moretz, Jeffrey Morgan and Mary Steenburgen. She also has that heavily troubled Nailed (she plays a woman whose nail gun accident turns her into a sex addict), but it’s unclear when that film will see the light of day, if ever. Biel is married to Justin Timberlake, who’s making strides as an actor. He’s managed by Rick Yorn and repped by WME, an agency which has to be all over this. I remember when Biel bristled at the wholesome image cultivated for her at the Aaron Spelling series 7th Heaven, and her public rebellion helped give her a shot at a film career in the first place. Maybe she feels the need to shake things up again. I could certainly see her in one of these superhero movies or action franchises.

I wonder who Jesse’s new management team will be? Will she stay with CAA or are we looking at a brand new everything? Perhaps Justin’s representation over at WME might be interested.

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