Us Jess fans have been anxiously waiting for her to sign onto a new project.. the last time she was on set was in the first quarter of 2012, so it’s time. She gave us the best bit of teaser news, she’s actively pursuing a role for an unnamed Indie Film.

While hosting the Dior party in New York last night she spoke with Vogue and said the following:

Hostess Jessica Biel arrived in a crisp, cream Dior knit dress, gold cuff, and rose-gold pointy-toe heels. When asked if her shoes were also Dior, one of Biel’s entourage interjected happily, “Duh! Even the nail polish is Dior!” Touché. Biel, in town from Los Angeles for only a few days, chatted with Vogue about her summer travels—Europe for a week, a lot within the states—as well as a potential project on the horizon: “It’s not 100% confirmed yet but there’s a really interesting indie film that I’m sort of circling, which would shoot in Los Angeles in the fall. So that’s exciting.” Does the actress have other big plans for fashion month? “This is my fashion week plan of the evening and for the rest of the month. This is my big fashion night out!” It certainly was.

We’re rooting for you Jess! We can’t wait to hear if you are taking the role or not.

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