I try and not post everything Jesse tweets as there would be no point but last night she Tweeted her support for the documentary “Blackfish.” If you are unfamiliar with the documentary, it follows an orca named Tilikum who has killed several people in captivity and exactly what is going on at Seaworld. It’s an eye opener and for me, hard to watch.

The documentary has also sparked California law makers to propose an orca ban, meaning they can’t be held in captivity and forced to perform.

Just watched @blackfishmovie & am appalled. Wild animals should be respected not imprisoned. Hope this movie inspires change. #Blackfish

— Jessica Biel (@JessicaBiel) March 11, 2014

YES. RT “@blackfishmovie: New California bill proposes to ban the captivity of killer whales for entertainment http://t.co/4JW7HbMB3l

— Jessica Biel (@JessicaBiel) March 11, 2014

It’s always great when people speak up for animals, and I’m crossing my fingers this bill gets passed.

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