Jesse’s latest project has us Biel fans going a tad bit crazy.

Not much has been said about the film, so I thought I’d do a run down of what’s going on and perhaps more information will follow.

Biel stars as a peaceful yoga instructor who finds herself behaving in ways she never imagined in an effort to protect her newly discovered sister Shiva (Mamet), who is a sex worker, from a less-than-savory boyfriend (Anderson).

That synopsis does it for me. I am excited that the first project she took after “The Truth About Emanuel” is another interesting indie film. In the past, Jess has taken her boom of popularity and used it for.. well, Chuck & Larry or The A-Team. I am excited she is picking roles that show off her talent as opposed to her body, it’s time.

Crew members had been posting photos to their Instagram accounts but those have all been deleted, meaning their trying to keep things as quiet as possible. I wonder what the plan is? This hasn’t happened with a Jess project before so I’m thrown off course here.

Regardless, from what I do know I honestly can’t wait — what kind of shit is May going to get involved with? After some of the scenes in “Emanuel” I am dying to see another drama performance. Stay tuned..

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