Happy 31st Birthday Jessica Biel!


Encase you were unaware, today is Jesse’s 31st birthday!

I’d like to reveal the first Jessica Biel Central birthday book to you all. I feel it was a huge success and I cannot wait for all of you and (hopefully) Jessica to read the birthday messages. Once again, happy birthday Jessica! Hope it’s the best yet.

3 thoughts on “Happy 31st Birthday Jessica Biel!

  1. Congratulations Jessica, have a Happy Birthday ,you deserve
    all happiness of the world.
    Kisses.. *___*

  2. I really wanted to participate but got caught up in something. So I want to wish lovely Jesse a happy birthday and hope she has a good one with her loved ones by her side. The fan bday project is a very sweet idea and the greetings that were sent in are great. Hopefully Jesse will get to see them :)

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