Way to start things off with a bang at Sundance London.

Jesse’s latest film, “Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes,” was screened and reviewed by blogger Caterina Benincasa aka Bina007. She had nothing but kind words for the film, including director Francesca Gregorini;

That the movie works at all is testament to Gregorini’s delicately balanced script, that matches explicit verbal wit with scenes of desperate grief.  In the hands of a less accomplished director, or worse actors, the movie could easily have fallen into B-movie melodrama, or worse still, a movie we laugh at rather than with.

She didn’t love Kaya’s performance as much as previous reviewers, but she had nothing but great things to say about Jess;

But the real star of the piece is Jessica Biel.  Of course, I think this is Biel’s best performance to date, and some might say that’s a backhanded complement given the questionable quality of her back catalogue. Well, now we know that that reflects the paucity of material offered to her, rather than her talent, because in this film she takes a role that could have become a bad joke and lends it gravity and dignity. I dearly hope that this performance brings her greater opportunities because I can’t wait to see what she does with them.

It’s really exciting to hear all of the praise coming Jesse’s way. I was lucky enough to see the film and I can say that it is her best performance to date. “Emanuel” will screen at Sundance London tomorrow and Sunday, so if you’re able to check it out be sure to do so!

Follow this link to read the full review.

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