Wow, with the premiere of “Emanuel” happening this week at the Sundance Film Festival, online promotion for the film has begun, somewhat.

Here is our first look at Jessica as Linda in the upcoming thriller / drama “Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes.” In this clip titled “Laundry Basket” we get our first real look into the film and what the director, Francesca Gregorini, was talking about when she said the film battles between “surrealism” and reality.

Is it me or am I sensing some Kathy Bates “Misery” realness here? I am beyond excited to see Jessica in this role.

One comment on “First Clip of Jessica Biel in “Emanuel and the Truth about Fishes”

  1. Shaya Collins on

    For a first clip featuring Jessica Biel, this is really good. A simple scene yet the two ladies manage to add some intense tension without saying a lot and the music fits also perfectly. Now I’m getting really excited about the film!

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