Critics aren’t the only opinions that matter when it comes to a film, and “The Truth About Emanuel” is swimming in positive reviews from fans.

I feel this is the best movie Jesse has been apart of. Not only is the script so haunting, it finally allowed Jessica to showcase her talents in a way like never before. Linda, a delicate and deep character, is unlike any character she has played before. Channeling an array of emotion, you really begin to feel for Linda in a way you couldn’t have imagined going into the film.

As I have reviewed the film several times in posts spanning over the past year, I’m going to share some of my favorite fan reviews of the film.

Saw Emanuel from Jessica Biel last week. It was intriguing, outrageous, touching. All in all an awesome movie with great acting!

— Timberlake-justin (@JTfansite) December 17, 2013

Check out #TheTruthAboutEmanuel! Excellent performance by @kScodders & @JessicaBiel. Such a twisted, beautiful, brilliant film!

— Chelsea (@cecaines) December 9, 2013

What an amazingly beautiful, perfect film. The Truth About Emanuel, just wonderful.

— Ariana Zapata (@francelynzapata) December 7, 2013

#TheTruthAboutEmanuel is a sufficiently creepy thriller. Kept me guessing, @JessicaBiel.

— David Shane (@OaklandYankee) December 8, 2013

Just finished watching The Truth About Emanuel…very good & stays with you afterward. @JessicaBiel was great in it!

— Kate Elizabeth (@KatieBeth1231) December 17, 2013

#TheTruthAboutEmanuel was weird, heartwarming, funny, touching and suspenseful. Kudos to Kaya and @JessicaBiel for great performances.

— Evie (@sisternoles) December 8, 2013

@lisanewton90 @jessicabielcom it really made me think and made me feel so deeply. I can’t wait for it to come out in theaters/then onto DVD

— Amber (@heythereamberrr) December 8, 2013

@JessicaBiel – I’m speechless. #TheTruthAboutEmanuel was superb. It was haunting and beautifully done. I applaud you!
— Lisa-Marie (@lisanewton90) December 8, 2013

Watched @JessicaBiel in @EMANUELmovie last night and i must say it was a very amazing story. I was tuned in from the beginning! #gripping

— Dale Frost-Massey (@duhale) December 1, 2013

The Truth About Emanuel is a great film. The performances were bound to be great but that story was fresh.

— Travon Epps (@Tray115) December 10, 2013

This movie is insane !! #TheTruthAboutEmanuel

— Crazii Mofo (@Itz_Insane) December 17, 2013

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