There are only three short days until “The Truth About Emanuel” is released on iTunes and On Demand for a limited time.

Written and Directed by Francesca Gregorini, “The Truth About Emanuel” is a film that covers almost every emotion a human can feel. “Emanuel” is a chilling, funny, and heart breaking all at once. Linda is a woman who’s child died of SIDS, and she replaces the deceased with a life-like doll, Chloe, and loses a grip on reality. Emanuel is a young woman who’s mother died at child birth and she’s never been able to stop blaming herself. When these two fragile women meet, you’re taken for exciting ride where it could end anywhere.

If you don’t get a chance to check the film out while it’s on iTunes and On Demand, it’s headed to select theaters starting January 10th, 2014!

Rumor has it a red carpet screening may be happening before it’s theatrical release..

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