Is ‘Nailed’ Being Released Later This Year?

I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, I know..

Rumors are floating around the internet that the folks at K. JAM Media and Persistent Entertainment are planning a 4th quarter VOD release for the ever delayed “Nailed.”

Everyone involved in the film has voiced their disappointment, and IMDb has officially removed the “????” release year and replaced it with a cool 2014.

At this point I’m afraid of a lame release and no one being able to take the film seriously.. Although with it’s delay that’s what it’s now known for :/. I know I want to see it but I’m just so bummed at its outcome… The only way this could turn around is if David cast’s Jesse again!


David O’ Russell Talks ‘Nailed:’ “Biel was terrific in the picture”

Any long term Jesse fan knows the stress and annoyance that comes with the never ending ‘Nailed’ project. Nnytime anyone from the cast has a promotional tour the  question comes up — “What happened with Nailed?” This time we got a pretty cool answer from Academy Award winner and Director David O’Russell when he talked to Collider in early February.

RUSSELL:  That was like, “How can it get much lower than getting divorced, having to put your kid in a special boarding school at a young age, and being broke and not knowing how to make a movie?”  Well, it can get worse.  You can make a movie that doesn’t get completed because of mysterious financing.  So, I wrote a film with Kristin Gore, Al Gore’s daughter, who’s a terrific writer and a terrific person.  It was based on a book she’d written, and it was a satire about health care.  It was about a woman who had a nail gun go off into her head, by accident.  Jessica Biel was terrific in the picture, with Jake Gyllenhaal and Catherine Keener, and Tracy Morgan was hysterical in it.  And then, it didn’t get finished.  It got shut down nine times, which is an existential Kafka-esque experience, in itself.  It also happened to Taylor Hackford.  They made a movie with Taylor Hackford, as well.  And I really shouldn’t talk about it much more than that, for legal reasons, but it was really weird except that I got to know and love those actors, and I got to love the state of South Carolina, which is where we were.

Ugh, David, you’re ruining my life. Someone release ‘Nailed’ already or David should just cast Jessica in a new movie, that’d be cool too.

Jessica Biel and James Marsden on the set of “Nailed”

I get so excited anytime there is anything “new” on “Nailed,”  and here we have a photo of Jesse and James Marsden on set of the troubled project.

In the shot we can see Alice on a hospital bed while boyfriend Scott stands beside her. This is not a production still but rather a “marker” photo, meaning they use it to compare the positions of certain things to make two takes seamless encase they need to be pieced together.

Here’s to hoping “Nailed gets a 2014 release!

Jessica Biel’s “Nailed” Gets an MPAA Rating of PG-13

A couple of months ago we got the “Nailed” wheels turning again with the announcement of K.Jam Media and Universal Studio’s taking on the release of the film. While news has gone dry again, it seems the film has officially been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA.

While this does not solidify a release, it does show us there are people working to get the film out there. I have mixed feelings towards the release of “Nailed” as it’s an out dated issue and no longer an accurate representation of Jess or her acting talents. Then again, she was working with the Oscar winning director David O’Russell, so it’d be interesting see her under that kind of direction. My pro/con list could go on.

As for the final scene that was needing to be re-shot,  right before we posted about ‘Universal,’ a gossip blog had started the rumor Jess had finally done the re-shoot with co-star Tracy Morgan. The film now lists “Nailed Partners, LLC” as one of the distributors. These little bits of news seem to be piecing together something much greater, and I’m excited to watch this unfold.

Check out Rope of Silicon for the original article.

Did “Nailed” release a Teaser Poster?

Just kidding! I wish.. But I took a shot at designing a poster I thought would fit the film (that I haven’t seen…) and wanted to share it with you guys!

I know we have a lot of talented Jesse fans, especially in the realm of photoshop and thought it would be cool to get a collection of fan made posters in hopes of bringing more attention to the film? If you make one and submit it, I’ll post it on the main page and in the gallery! No rules, no stipulations.. just pure fan fun. Check mine out below and then send me yours!

If you’re not too familiar with “Nailed” but would still like to work those creative juices, check out our profile on the film or their IMDb.

First Photos of Jesse as Alice Eckle in David O’Russell’s “Nailed”

Oh wow, how long have I waited to write this post? Well, we finally have the first photos of Jesse as Alice Eckle in David O’Russell’s “Nailed.” She looks completely insane, in the best way possible.

Nailed” stars Jess, Jake Gyllenhaal, James Marsden, Catherine Keener, and Kirstie Alley. The film has been on hold since it’s final shut down in 2008. Rumors have been swirling that Jesse has finally re-filmed her final scene and that Universal Studios has picked it up for a 2013 theatrical release.

Even though there hasn’t been an official announcement, after doing some Internet searchins’, I found the official production company website, and in the owners biography it states;

Mr. Jam also produced Nailed directed by David O. Russell (The Silver Linings Playbook, The Fighter) starring Jessica Biel, Jake Gyllenhaal, James Marsden, Tracey Morgan, and Catherine Keener, which is set to be released late 2013.

I am hoping we get an official announcement soon, perhaps around the summer if they are planning a late 2013 release. For now, enjoy these medium quality stills of Jesse as Alice Eckle.

Did Universal Studios pick up “Nailed” for a 2013 Theatrical Release?

Well shit. According to IMDb, “Nailed” has been picked up by Universal Studios for a 2013 release.

No press release or official statement has happened, but the page has been in limbo since 2010 when they removed the release date and replaced it with “????.” It now shows a 2013 release, when just last week it had the unknown release date.

Nailed” stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Biel, Catherine Keener, James Marsden, and Kirstie Alley and was directed by Academy Award winner David O’Russell.

If you aren’t familiar with the films’ rocky past, here it is in a nutshell… Capitol Films promised financing and when David Bergstein was unable to provide the funds and pay the cast and crew, SAG had the film shut down.. several times throughout production. With one final scene to re-shoot, the scene where Jesse gets the nail lodged in her head, the film was shut down for good. After that, the nasty legal battles began that have permanently shelved the film. Not long after the legal battle was settled, Ron Tutor stepped in as producer. Since, K.Jam Media have also signed on as producers and have helped get the film back on it’s feet.

Rumors started flying that Jesse recently filmed her final scene for “Nailed,” but again, no official news had been released. Now it is showing the film will be released theatrically this year by Universal Studios. I really hope that this is true, it would be so great to finally see the film.

Jessica Biel Out in NYC, and did “Nailed” Finish Shooting?

Jesse was snapped by paparazzi while out and about in NYC earlier today, looking insanely cute.

It was said she was hanging out with a few gal pals and was later seen hailing down a cab. I’m loving this shoe on her, def one of my favorites she’s ever worn. To check out the four photos I’ve added (so far) click the preview below;

Also, according to GossipGirls, Jess recently finished the remaining scene for “Nailed,” while we should take this with a grain of salt because nothing official has been reported, it’s still a nice dream to have! No other information is available, other than it’s slated for a 2013 release.

David O. Russell “Don’t Underestimate Jessica Biel, She’s Utterly Brilliant.”

Jessica Biel worked with David O. Russell on “Nailed” in 2008, and the film has never seen the light of day. As we all know, this is due to the fact that David Bergstein and Capitol Pictures handled their money poorly, to say the least, and caused the film to wrap up before one key scene was re-filmed. That doesn’t mean that Jesse’s time on set was a waste, for two reasons… One, I still hold hope that I will one day be enjoying the film that is “Nailed.” Two, David O. Russell is an avid believer in Jesse’s talents.

While “Elle” was gathering content for their January 2013 issue, which features the gorgeous shoot by Thomas Whiteside, they caught up with several Directors who have worked with Jessica, including “Hitchock’s Sacha Geravasi. In the interview he reveals that before Jesse’s audition, Russell advised him “don’t underestimate Jessica Biel, she’s utterly brilliant.” Gervasi goes on to say that Russell was “absolutely right.”

Gervasi also goes into detail on Jesse’s audition with Sir Anthony Hopkins, saying “she took in stride. She was incredibly prepared, and she gave as good as she got to him. Tony is a force, and Jessica more than matched it. She was so bright and funny and at the same time seriously good. I think she surprised everyone, including Tony. Many great actresses were pursuing this role, but after she left the room Tony looked at me and said ‘That’s it, we’ve found our Vera.'”

All of this and more can be found in the January 2013 edition of Elle US!

Jessica Biel’s ‘Nailed’ Unlikely to see the Light of Day

We’re finally getting some news on Jesse’s healthcare comedy, ‘Nailed.’

The producers of the film talked to Collider and explained exactly what is going on; they have one final scene to re-shoot, the scene that makes the whole film — where Alice (Biel) gets the nail in her head. As we all know the filming of this movie was tumultuous, to say the least. With production shutting down a total of 14 times, the final being before the last day of shooting, it was impossible for the cast and crew to complete any work.

Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher dwell a little into how getting involved with a shady financier was the downfall of this project. With promises to the pay the bills, increase the salary of the crew, they were spending money they did not have.

If that weren’t enough, director David O. Russell dropped out of the film and has taken the steps to get his name completely removed from the project. With no director, no money, and no one willing to take on the almost finished film, it leaves everything at a stand still.

Jesse was at Comic-Con this year to promote ‘Total Recall but also used the platform to let us know that she too was in the dark.

This is unfortunate for us fans because I know this one was one of the projects I had been looking forward to seeing, with a great director and premise I couldn’t wait. Hopefully there is a gust of wind that helps get this project finished in the future, but at this point it seems highly unlikely.

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