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Box Office Updates for ‘Playing for Keeps’ and ‘Hitchcock’


The box office results are in for both ‘Hitchcock‘ and ‘Playing for Keeps‘ and there’s good news and OK news.

Unfortunately  ‘Playing for Keeps‘ opened with a lot less than we had hoped, a mere $6 million for it’s weekend total. While critics haven’t been giving the film itself much praise (if any), Jesse has had notiable mentions in several reviews, including Roger Ebert;

“Jessica Biel all but steals the show… Stacie is the one character who doesn’t seem largely on autopilot and manages to leave room for doubt in a film without much room for that.”

And it’s true! Stacie was the only character who you really felt connected to. She was funny and caring, but when she was upset, you really felt for her. I’d like to congratulate Jesse on such a wonderful performance, I can sincerely say she stole the show.

As for ‘Hitchcock,‘ it’s theater count increased 47% this weekend, and as did it’s box office intake. This is a great feat for such a small film, and by the looks of it we might see an even wider distribution next week.  As of now, ‘Hitchcock as made a total of $1,674,000.

I was lucky enough to see both ‘Playing for Keeps‘ and ‘Hitchcock‘ this weekend, and I gotta say a Biel double feature was awesome. I can’t lie and say I was super stoked for ‘Playing for Keeps,’ but I honestly enjoyed the film from start to finish. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t flawed or that some of the reviews (misogynistic at times) weren’t correct, but it is not a bad movie in any sense of the word. If you like a fun, light hearted movies then I suggest you see  ‘Playing for Keeps.’

Here’s to hoping the positive fan reviews increase it’s box office over the next week!

Posted on: December 10, 2012 by Stephen
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