Jess has been laying pretty low this year but that has not stopped the hungry bloggers from creating some bulllllllllshit story about Au Fudge and it’s targeted clientele.

Some lazy blogger at LA Eater wrote an article dogging Jess and the yet-to-be-opened kids restaurant Au Fudge, spewing lies like it will only allow “the children of the rich and famous (or rich and famous children) to hang out in a “comfortable” environment.”

But………… like………… who said that? Really, are you just making shit up? There are several ready and available articles you could have used to actually promote the restaurant.

If you are not familiar with what Au Fudge is going to be, it is Jesse and Estee Stanelys’ kid friendly restaurant that is opening in West Hollywood. It is not going to be for celebrity babies, it’s going to be for people. It’s not going to be Chucky Cheese, it’s going to be a respectable place parents and children can enjoy. Oh, and the food looks delicious. Check out their Instagram!

Among the nonsense he did say that the lease they signed is the building where the Smoke Steakhouse used to be on Melrose Ave. If that is true then at least his article wasn’t a total waste.

PS, they used a photo that is 8 years old for their article, lol.

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