Yesterday, Photographer Darren Tieste tweeted that he was working with Jess for the second installment of “The Beauty Book” for Brain Cancer, which will be released sometime in 2015. I’m really excited to see the outcome, while it has not been announced it’s getting harder and harder to deny that Jess is pregnant, so yay &he Read More


Jess has been laying pretty low this year but that has not stopped the hungry bloggers from creating some bulllllllllshit story about Au Fudge and it’s targeted clientele. Some lazy blogger at LA Eater wrote an article dogging Jess and the yet-to-be-opened kids restaurant Au Fudge, spewing lies like it will only allow “the children &hel Read More


We have “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” casting news! If you’ve been a Jessica Biel fan for more than a few years you know that we have been watching this film come to fruition since it was announced in 2008. “Devil” has been cast several times, Zach Braff, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Stephen Collins … Read More


It was almost a double reunion for Jesse while filming “The Blunderer” as her “The Illusionist” co-star Eddie Marsan has just signed onto the project. Let’s not forget that Jess worked with Patrick Wilson in “The A-Team” before she signed onto this project. No information has been released on who Marsan wil Read More


Jessica Biel was snapped while on the set “The Blunderer” in Cincinnati, OH on November 21st! Looking like a glamorous ’60s housewife, Jess was seen walking on set and also filming a scene in a taxi cab. Unfortunately for us Biel fans Jesse was only on set for a five days, so that means she … Read More


BARE Made has released their new line Holiday line and it’s pretttttty amazing. The company celebrated their one year anniversary on October 15th and has taken the customers feedback from over the past year to create more products with the same quality. The new line includes “Slate” and “Hide,” both of which have gravi Read More


Russian VOD service, ivi,ru, have taken the films that were not shown in Russian theaters, what whatever reason, and are now making them accessible to their citizens through their service. With the likes of Hulu and Netflix not available in Russia, local audiences’ choices on legitimate online video services have so far been mostly limited &h Read More


We have our first “On Set” photo of Jesse working her 60’s style in Cincinnati while filming “The Blunderer” earlier today! I have high hopes for this film! Between the synopsis and Director Andy Goddard (Downtown Abbey), I can’t imagine it being anything less than amazing. Photo credit: IG bethers820 Read More


Jesse is in Cincinnati to film the tentatively titled “The Blunderer” with Patrick Wilson and the city has been reacting to seeing Miss. Biel around town, check out some of the comments: Jessica Biel smiled at me today. She also loves pizza just as much as I do. — Taylor Romer (@taylorromer) November 17, 2014 Spotted: … Read More

The 2015 Sundance Film festival is right around the corner and the predictions on which films will be selected have started showing up as well. Ioncinema is guessing that ‘Shiva and May‘ will be selected in the U.S. Dramatic Competition where it would join the likes of ‘The Truth About Emanuel‘ and ‘The Illusionist.& Read More

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